Power Yoga (dynamic) IndaHouse Online Live

Online stream
at 30/03/2020 08:00-08:45 o'clock (45 min)
Price: from 5.00 €


5.00 €Single ticket  
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Power Yoga, una disciplina donde se practican asanas dinámica​mente​ y energi​camente​,​ ​tonifican​do​ el cuerpo y ​al mismo tiempo ​controlando​ la mente; La práctica del Power yoga ​s​e caracteriza por sus movimientos vigorosos, similares al fitness, con influencias del yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa. Asimismo, se ponen en práctica ejercicios sincronizados de la respiración.​ Una mezcla muy potente para dominar cuerpo y mente.​ Qué necesitas? Agua, esterilla de Yoga y tu SONRISA :)

English: Power Yoga, a discipline where dynamic asanas are practiced mind and energy, tone the body and at the same time control the mind; The practice of Power yoga is characterized by its vigorous movements, similar to fitness, with influences from Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. Synchronized breathing exercises are also practiced, a very powerful mixture to dominate body and mind. What do you need? Water, Yoga mat and your SMILE :)

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Online stream

There is an online stream available for this activity. To participate, take the following steps:

  • Make sure to read the description of your booked activity in advance to know which streaming provider your studio uses for online streaming. Commonly used tools are e.g. Zoom, Youtube Live, Skype, Hangouts, etc. If necessary, download the necessary software or app to your laptop, tablet or smartphone
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  • All participants are able to see the video transmission of other participants. If you do not want to show yourself or the personal environment in which you take part in the online class, you can deactivate the camera function or cover the camera. The name you enter when you join the online meeting room will be shown to other participants. However, you can change your name at any time (e.g. only specify the initials).



Cancellation conditions

This class can be cancelled 1 hour before